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A STORY OF stability

There is more to the Wilson Family's story.


Mr. & Mrs. Wilson worked hard to create a stable foundation for their family of four. They felt as if they were in control of their finances until they were faced with unexpected medical bills when their daughter, Sarah, needed her appendix removed. They quickly realized they were not as financially secure as they thought and needed to start an emergency fund to be better prepared for the future. Mr.Wilson’s brother recommended they place a call to JFS to inquire about financial coaching. Their Coach taught them how to better understand their credit report, create a monthly budget, and set reasonable financial goals. 


While talking with their Financial Coach, Mrs. Wilson also discovered she was underemployed; with the right help, she could get a better, higher paying job, based on her skillset. She was referred to a JFS Career Coach, who helped her polish her resume and search for more suitable positions. Not long after, she was happily employed at a global corporation. They created a budget that worked for them and their family was more financially stable. 

The Wilson's experience lead them to realize that it's never too early to teach your children about money. They decided to take what they learned about budgeting and put it into a context that their two girls could understand: allowance. The girls were given a checklist with chores to be completed... when they were done, they were rewarded with an allowance. Sarah and her sister have decided to save up for bigger, more expensive toys. Their parents couldn't be more proud!


The Wilson's also took the opportunity to show the importance of "returning the favor" and giving back to others through volunteering their time. The girls took a tour of the food pantry, where they helped sort donations of canned goods including beans, soup, canned fruits and vegetables. Mrs. Wilson loves country music so she referenced Tim McGraw's "Humble and Kind" verse while on the tour... which we also found was a perfect lesson for children.

"When you get where you're going don't forget turn back around, and help the next one in line, always stay humble and kind." Listen to the rest of the song here.