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A STORY OF leadership


We all have a story to tell.  

A story of our triumphs and our trials; of our successes and our stumbles.


At Jewish Family Service we hear, daily, stories from people in need - stories of loss, struggle, and hunger. Our purpose, one we know you share, is to help children, individuals and families navigate some of the most challenging circumstances in their lives. We help these individuals write a new story. 

One of health, stability, and hope.  

Sam came to JFS barely able to pay his bills and put food on the table.  We opened our doors to our Food Pantry and Career and Financial Services, where JFS professionals, counseled him, gave him new employment skills, financial coaching and food so he could use his limited resources to pay bills.  JFS is part of Sam’s story now.

Mimi joined our Grief Support Group after her husband of 55 years passed away. She feared she could not stay in her home. She visited with a Case Manager and was connected with benefits and community resources. These enabled her to remain in her home, living independently. JFS is part of Mimi’s story now. 

Christopher struggled for years with an undiagnosed bipolar disorder that made it impossible for him to function and have a normal life. Now, with the proper diagnosis, he has joined others as an active participant in our PLAN Clubhouse where he is learning to manage his mental illness in a group environment.  He now has purpose and a work-ordered day.  JFS is part of Christopher’s story now. 

You can be a part of these stories too by helping us assist clients through life’s unexpected challenges. 

We served almost 13,000 people last year, each one with a story to tell. More and more calls are coming in every day. Jewish Family Service is committed to continuing to provide the highest level of services to anyone who is in need, at risk, or in crisis. We need you now more than ever. We count on you, our individual donors, to provide the largest source of financial support every year. 

It is because of donors like you that so many of our client stories now have positive endings. Please consider donating to the Jewish Family Service Annual Campaign today. 


Cathy Barker

Interim Chief Executive Officer