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A STORY OF guidance

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Written by Dan

Why did you have to do that?

Was everything really that bad?

Was there no one you could turn to,

when you were feeling that sad?

Did you even put any thought

into the people it would affect?

The way we think about life now

is starting to feel suspect.

Now I know the world can be rough,

And the torture can seem inescapable,

but would there ever be enough

to make this seem explainable?


Daniel and his older brother, Mike, struggled with drug and alcohol addiction. The problems began when they were in high school; they turned to drugs to mask their suffering from chronic depression and anxiety. Despite numerous attempts by friends and family, they were resistant to seeking help. Unfortunately, Daniel's brother took his life two years ago as a direct result...
After Mike's suicide, Daniel and his parents knew he had to clean up his act. They were devastated by their loss and channeled all their energy into making sure Daniel would have the tools to begin living a healthy lifestyle. Daniel came to Jewish Family Service seeking treatment for addiction and grief support. Guided by our mental health professionals, peer-to-peer support groups, and family, Daniel was able to overcome this challenging period of his life and found the support needed to address his addiction.

Daniel's Chemical Dependency Counselor and Grief Counselor both shared that poetry and art therapy can be powerful in sorting through his emotions about losing his brother. He was willing to share one of his poignant poems with us, which can be read to the left of this story.
Daniel came to JFS twice a week and became a familiar face to staff as he checked in for his appointment. Everyone shared there was noticeable improvement after attending months of therapy. He was less harsh in his interactions... and was making serious headway in becoming the drug-free man he wanted to become.


Read about the Substance Abuse Support Groups Daniel and his family attended below.


For the One Struggling:

Trying to manage substance use is sometimes like holding balloons underwater. It is a constant struggle and you feel as if you are never quite in control. If your use of alcohol, drugs or prescription medications is starting to feel out of control, this group might be your first step towards getting your life back.  We will also look at options for recovery and help you design a plan that will start you on a path to health and wellness. Led by Janet Henson (LPC, LCDC) and Karen Farr (PsyD).


For the Loved Ones of Someone Who is Struggling:

This group is for anyone that has a family member, spouse, friend or co-worker that has problems with substance use. This group is 6 weeks long and will cover a lot of different topics surrounding the topics of substance use and addiction. There is a $10.00 charge each week for the group. See the flyer here