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A STORY OF growth

Read about how Diagnostic Testing offered much needed answers for a family.

Read how Diagnostic Testing offered much needed answers for a family.


Michelle is a 39-year-old, single mother of two children. When Michelle came to JFS, she was taking unpaid leave from work to seek help for her oldest child, Ari, who was facing significant academic and behavioral challenges. Because Ari was unable to function in an adjusted school environment, she was attempting to home-school him, but the amount of attention he was receiving was placing a strain on the family dynamics. In the search for answers, Michelle knew there would be significant transformation and growth for her and the boys.

One of the family’s doctors suggested they seek help in identifying his strengths and emotional, social, psychological and/or academic needs by visiting with a Diagnostician. After being referred to JFS for professional, affordable assessment and testing, Ari was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Michelle was relieved receiving the diagnosis and support from the JFS team of experts … until she went to the pharmacy to pick up the medication that was an important part of their treatment plan. It was still more than she could afford, even with her insurance.


JFS was able to provide financial assistance for the medication, work through a treatment plan and enable Ari to successfully attend school and his mom could return to work full time. Through therapy and medication given by our experienced, licensed professionals, Ari continues to find success with his education plan at school and the family has established balance in their daily lives.

Overcoming these obstacles and learning about Autism Spectrum Disorder has offered critical growth opportunities for Michelle and her boys. Ari and his brother are learning to take things once step at a time, but to always keep moving forward. 

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